Reasons to create a business with purpose.

Once, a primary school teacher set an assignment to all of her students. She asked her students what they wanted to become when they grew old. Some wrote down a scientist, some wrote down singer others wrote down a policeman and when she was looking through these papers she noticed that one of her students wrote down the word ‘happy’. She walked up to the kid and she told him, ‘I think you misunderstood the assignment’. And he said, “Miss, I think you misunderstood life”.

Somewhere along our years, our definition of success, our end-goal in life became blurred. It became about things that are completely irrelevant to our growth and happiness. Since we were young, we have been exposed to different definitions and theories about happiness. We have the corporate professionals, the CEO and business professionals that create this perfect role model with money and wealth for young people to chase and become completely oblivious for their own success that what makes them truly happy. And this is what we as a society should pursue that which makes us truly happy. We need to stop trying to be human doings and instead continue our path to be human beings. This means switching from our daily to-do list to our daily to be list to make a difference.

We take it as a given that innovation is a synonym for progress. But can innovation also bring us happiness? If we look up the definition of innovation in the business dictionary we find the definition to be “The process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay”.

The role of innovation in our society is highly misunderstood. We create business innovation models and refocus the ‘innovative potential’ of a creative process towards our monetary goals. While we should actually use our potential for innovation for ‘happiness innovation models’.  Where we switch the question from what is going to be the outcome of the innovation process towards why is the outcome of this innovation process relevant and for whom is this relevant. Who do I want to be? What meaning do I want to have for the world? Giving answer to these questions gives us more gratification for our future innovations.

“Life is better when we focus on what we appreciate, not what is lacking” 


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