6. Brainstorming about Vision (three sessions)

During our course we got the assignment to attend, 2 different vision sessions and to host one of them. In order to do this, we were shown different methods that are currently used to develop a vision. I noticed that none of the methods shown really appealed to me in order to use them so I

5. Vision about myself in 2021

I’m a Business Innovation student and in regards to the future, there has been a lot of momentum. I will use this part of the blog in order to describe my future vision upon graduating and having a few years running up and down in a company. Firstly, even though I am a student of

4. The vision on a innovation trajectory.

Competitiveness lies at the heart of what has driven us to be the best on Earth at so many things. Competition, modern society is built and formed by it. Every time we hear the word ‘challenge’ we immediately think about a breaking a record or begin faster, making more goals/points. Why is this? We build and we

3. Why are you writing about vision?

Ok, this is the third post on the blog about vision. But if you have been following or reading through the previous post I would say that you could be thinking, ‘why in heavens name are you writing about vision?’ So, in order to give an answer to your question I will elaborate by giving

2. The quote.

Society tells us a lot of things about success and what the possibilities are which is weird because I’m pretty sure society knows very little about any of this. When it comes to success, society is like your grandfather who traps you at a family celebration and goes on a 15 to 30 minute mostly

1. Why your vision should be a story for the future?

Good, do we know what a vision is? do we know the secret sauce to success? Let’s start. A vision is a perception of how you would like to see the world. It’s a picture or idea in your mind about yourself, your business, or anything that is going to happen.  A clear vision helps

Reasons to create a business with purpose.

Once, a primary school teacher set an assignment to all of her students. She asked her students what they wanted to become when they grew old. Some wrote down a scientist, some wrote down singer others wrote down a policeman and when she was looking through these papers she noticed that one of her students