6. Brainstorming about Vision (three sessions)

During our course we got the assignment to attend, 2 different vision sessions and to host one of them. In order to do this, we were shown different methods that are currently used to develop a vision. I noticed that none of the methods shown really appealed to me in order to use them so I tried to develop my own.

I wanted a method that starts from your personal vision more towards a vision that points out the essence of what the vision is of the company.  The method is depicted in the image below.

During the session, I hosted a vision session for the Social Impact Factory. The Social Impact Factory is a hot spot for social entrepreneurs. Here they can get a permanent office of a workspace for just a day. The end goal of the social impact factory is to create a place where people that want to create a positive impact in society can meet. And through these meetings, we can get some sort of serendipity which will lead towards new interesting potential ventures.

The session was a success due to the participants’ eagerness also to share their own vision and the way we created a connection with the vision for the Social Impact Factory.

The final vision we created for the Social Impact Factory was the following:  “Een samenleving waarbij een positieve verbinding wordt gerealiseerd tussen het  economisch en ecologisch met een triple-win (People, Planet, Profit) als resultaat.




The first session I attended was for the ‘De tuinen van appeltern’  This company was for most of the participants fairly new. We started the session with some research on the website of the company and then started drawing our first interpretation of the company. After this we continued our research by lasting three companies that inspire us. From here we started writing the main takeaways from the companies and started formulating the vision voor de tuinen van appeltern. The final one we all decided on is

“De inspirerende route naar de beste versie van jouw tuin.”

Session attended number three since I was unable to attend the one that was given at the university. I went to do one, for a company called Bison Bowling here we started and used the same method I created (described at the beginning of this post). Here we wrote down what the personal vision was of each of the participants.

At the end of the vision, we tried to describe Bison Bowling not just as a place where you go to play bowling but as a service that helps people to relax, play and enjoy themselves this is why the final vision we came up with was:

“Bison bowling a place to play”

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