4. The vision on a innovation trajectory.

Competitiveness lies at the heart of what has driven us to be the best on Earth at so many things. Competition, modern society is built and formed by it. Every time we hear the word ‘challenge’ we immediately think about a breaking a record or begin faster, making more goals/points. Why is this? We build and we study to become the best entrepreneur, the best cook. Of course we as a society we strive for innovation we need this progress.

On an Innovation trajectory, it is important to have a Vision. Having a clear vision gives you the right angle about what you can do in order. So this is when we start to become more aware of what we as a society want.

When starting an innovation trajectory we often work with a goal. To have a better use for a product or to create impact in a certain field in society. Vision makes this extremely important to know what it is exactly what you want since this will also affect your decision that you make during your innovation trajectory.

Vision creates a nonexistent image of something new. And this image creates a group of people that want the same thing and work together towards it.

There is a quote from Ezra Pound Loomis

If you want go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Potentially this breaks the whole essence of having a vision. When starting an innovation trajectory of course you can be ambitious and you want to breakthrough.

But if you really want to create impact build a vision, involve people and work together.

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