3. Why are you writing about vision?

Ok, this is the third post on the blog about vision. But if you have been following or reading through the previous post I would say that you could be thinking, ‘why in heavens name are you writing about vision?’ So, in order to give an answer to your question I will elaborate by giving you a full view on the importance of having a clear vision not just in business but also in life.

I read an article ‘anatomy of a vision statement’ by James R. Lucas. In his article, he explains what vision is and what it is not and he defines it as an organizational charter of core values and principles and a puller into the future. A misconception with an advertising slogan or ‘high concept’ statement. According to James R. Lucas, a vision statement will be worth more when it becomes a motivator, a driving force which com.

So, how would you write a vision statement Micheal A. Raynor in his article ‘that vision thing: do we need it?’ defines vision in a very illustrative way. A business exists when their values are defined and added to the core competencies they create the mission of the organization.

Mission to vision

In order to define your vision, it is important to first have a look at the values and core competencies to deliver your mission and then you can start defining your vision.

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  1. In your blog you defined vision very well based on the article, so at first my compliments for the clear definition and structure of your blog, which makes it informative. Furthermore I would have liked to see some of the other articles and therefore see in your post how all articles define vision differently or how they compliment each other.

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