Looking to create an impact on the food industry.


Background in food startups, sales, design, and innovation.  


Identify how to better engage, facilitate and design for the public good. Bring people together through the shared passion of lifestyle, food, and drink.


Social Capital (Urban Collaboration), Food rescue, Product lifestyle photography.

Who I am, son, brother, boyfriend, entrepreneur, student, friend. I am a lot of things, it’s hard to tell you the whole story about who I am without boring you to death from the start. But I will tell you this… I might just be the person you are looking for.

I am on a mission to find ‘the’ engine of life. My experience ranges from student to entrepreneur. From business creative to business failure. I consider myself a thinker in the most practical sense, I’ve got a particular creative drive, people normally describe my work speed while snapping their finger very rapidly.
My favorite quote I found walking around my University on a post-it floor which said:

learn the rules like a professional and break them like an artist.

Words, that if I’m not mistaken, due to the lack of research, belong to Picasso.